Game On

Cloud 19’s in-house video game media expertise comprises over two decades of tenure and talent. We know games, and we know game marketing.

  • Gameplay Trailers

    Games are now interactive feature films. That’s why our benchmark of quality for game trailers is that of features, while always leveraging existing gameplay assets to deliver against tight budgets and deadlines.

  • Developer Diaries

    Behind-the-Scenes pieces must have low-cost production, yet result in high-end enthusiasm. We know how to craft narratives that align with a game’s IP, use existing assets to maximum effect, and keep the entire efforts lean but mean.

  • Internal Videos

    Quality is quality. As with game trailers, the low cost and high quality of any internal video must be balanced without losing either. From pre-greenlight teasers to internal sales pitch videos, we know how to balance on-message, on-time, and on-budget.

  • Ancillary Videos

    A one-stop-shop means we regularly apply all our digital media experience and expertise to company overviews, recruitment, HR, and other special event video productions.


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Los Angeles, California

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